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Who doesn’t love a makeover? A fresh new design not only attracts and engages members, it can turn your association’s magazine into a powerful tool for non-dues revenue generation.

And we’re just the ones to make it happen. Our team is stacked with design mavens who have a knack for turning drab into fab (and a shiny array of awards to prove it).

Give Your Magazine the Makeover It Deserves

No matter the scope of your makeover needs, our association-obsessed team is here to ensure your association magazine’s identity is both preserved and elevated. Magazine makeover services can include:

  • A deep dive into what makes your association unique and how to best reflect that within the pages of your magazine.
  • A revamped look, feel and structure for your magazine that boosts readability, issue after issue.
  • Special sections and feature packages — designed with care — to magnetize readers and advertisers.
  • Eye-catching covers that celebrate your members and what they hold dear.
  • Stunning visual storytelling to add layers of depth to your members’ narratives.
  • A professional finished product that attracts advertisers, increasing non-dues revenue.

The WomenPolice Transformation

WomenPolice magazine had an untapped potential that we were privileged to unlock. We enhanced its look while preserving its established character, giving it an even stronger connection with its readers. The result? An uplifted, engaging design that beautifully showcases the compelling stories of women in uniform. The redesigned magazine has not only won awards but also gained the love and appreciation of its members, who found themselves well-represented within its pages.

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