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We combine journalistic rigor with industry expertise to deliver captivating content that packs an oh-so-engaging punch.

Good content is hard to come by. Whether you’re looking for an editorial partner to support your magazine content or want to pass off the whole editorial enchilada, we’re here for you. Our seasoned team of professional journalists has a proven track record (and awards to boot) of creating polished, engaging content that speaks directly to your members.

And best of all, we speak your language. We’re experienced at crafting messages that will resonate with your intended audience, and we can deliver them in ways that are appealing and effective. That includes:

  • Creating special sections (or special editions) to focus on a single subject.
  • Developing feature stories to provide a better understanding of a hot topic or area of concern.
  • Writing profiles and Q&As with members or prominent individuals in your industry.
  • Providing in-depth reporting on issues of importance to your members.

Regardless of how you want to connect with your readers, our Team has the experience you need to elevate your publication. From coming up with all the awesome ideas to fine-tuning member-submitted content, we’ve got you covered.

When the International Association of WomenPolice (IAWP) wanted to dig deep into the issues surrounding females on the force, they turned to m3Magazines. In the years since, we’ve won numerous Communicator awards for in-depth reporting on topics ranging from the need for more WomenPolice to policing marijuana in light of new drug laws. We’re not afraid to touch the tough stuff that matters to your members because we’ve got the creds to back it up.

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