And it’s not just about singular magazine publishing tips or magazine design tips and tricks. Here we take you on a journey through Magazine Wonderland, where you learn how writing, design, ad sales, printing, distribution and more all intersect to form a veritable cornucopia of print (or digital!) magic for your association.

OK, we have a lot of individual tips and such, but we promise it’s all magical. Like unicorns — but with less mess.

Magazine on desk

What do you think of when someone says “magazine ad?”  Most likely, you picture a full-page or half-page rectangle with a company logo, tagline and contact info. These ads are classics for a reason — they work. According to the News/Media Alliance, magazine readers notice ads no matter where they are placed in the book. What’s more, they take action like clipping and saving the ad or visiting an advertiser’s website. But have you ever considered thinking outside the standard ad rectangle?  In this post, we’ll explore the value of standard ads and......

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