Managing magazines is hard work. But it doesn’t have to be hard work for you.

Throughout our 12-year history, we’ve seen associations struggle with managing their magazines. Some try to do it all in-house and run out of staff, time and resources, and they lack the depth of expertise to create a successful product.

Others farm out everything piecemeal, with separate entities for editing, magazine design services, magazine printing services, ad sales, distribution and more. The result? Costly inefficiency, and a lot of contacts to manage.

There’s a better way.

m3Magazines is your full-service magazine publishing company. We provide everything from polished writing and eye-catching design to increased ad sales and printing and distribution. You get one contact and peace of mind.

When you partner with m3Magazines, you get a stunning, informative publication that’s on time, on budget and on fire — with awards, that is. With more than 40 awards for magazine writing and design, we can be trusted to give you a professional publication, stress-free.

Our Team

The m3Magazines team is packed full of professionals who have 10, 20 or more years of experience in their areas of expertise — and they all know associations. (One even worked for several years in-house at an international engineering association!) Our depth of experience makes all the difference in providing you with the highest quality product paired with personal-level service.

And our management team? Simply delightful to work with.

Mario Medina

Our co-founder
25 years of experience in magazines.

Adam Weiss

Our co-founder
28 years of experience in magazines.

Ben Carpenter

Our Director of Print Strategy
27 years of experience in magazines.

Magazines are our passion. Let us help you with yours.