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High-quality publications that connect with members, elevate your brand and boost revenue.

Your magazine is more than words and design. It conveys crucial information to your members. Tells stories. Builds your brand (and revenue). Attracts new members and helps retain existing ones.

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Eye-catching design and good writing go hand in hand. One without the other is like not putting hot sauce on your tacos

Your Association’s Magazine Is a Powerhouse. Is Your Magazine Publisher One Too?

m3Magazines is one of the only association magazine publishers with two decades of expertise in professional associations. And, unlike other providers, we don’t just handle one aspect of magazines — we can do it all, from writing and design to ad sales and printing. 

We take away the time-consuming burden of handling magazine production and provide what your members want: informative, expertly written content in a beautifully designed package. In the process, we also give you what you need: a stellar magazine that generates non-dues revenue and empowers your association to further invest in its mission and goals. 



Our professional journalists create quality content that engages and informs, from complex technical subjects to topics such as health care, law enforcement, security and more.


Refresh your magazine’s design and branding to update your image with your members and attract more ad sales.

Ad Sales

Maximize your non-dues revenue with our strategic ad sales approach. 

Ad Strategy and Sales

We’ve helped associations increase ad sales by as much as 700%. Let us drive non-dues revenue for your organization too.

Project Management

We have the know-how to guide you through the entire magazine process — from planning to printing — removing the burden from association leadership and staff.

Consulting and Strategy

Ready to build a revenue-generating, member-dazzling publication? We know how to get it done. 

Printing and Distribution

Why hire a separate magazine printing services firm? We can streamline printing and distribution logistics to save you time and money.

m3Magazines Makeovers

Get eye-catching, award-winning layouts created by designers with more than 20 years of magazine experience.

We Make You Look Good

m3Magazines doesn’t just produce good-looking magazines — we make you look good too. Bonus: We can generate additional revenue opportunities you didn’t even know existed.